KONY 2012




KONY 2012 is basically about capturing and arresting Joesph Kony , a guerilla group leader, from stealing African children from their home and forcing them to kill. This has been going on for about 10 years, people. The people of Uganda need help, and they can’t do it all by them selves. They need our help; they need the governments help. In order to convince the government to help out, we have to convince THE PEOPLE. That is why we have to let EVERYBODY know about him! The whole KONY 2012 thing is to get him famous! We have to let more people in on what he has been doing for TEN YEARS. That is why I am posting all over Facebook about it. WE HAVE TO TELL EVERYBODY. More information at www.kony2012.com!  -A’nana EL

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