For many years Common Cents Consulting has produced lifestyle events. C.C.C. has been the back hand strength behind many start up companies and organizations. Known for its Marketing and Brand Expansions Common Cents Consulting is committed to consulting individuals and companies in their Brand Development.

King Simon Productions has been at the forefront of producing cultural events and maintaining Cultural Brands via all Major Media Outlets. It was only natural that the two companies would merge in 2009 and introduced the Stop Playing Initiative and Tour.

The Stop Playing Tour is a Global Community Initiative and Outreach Program. Our Mission is to connect the Ideas and Sound practices of Organizations and groups with a targeted Audience of Aboriginal and Indigenous people in their perspective territories and jurisdictions.

Stop Playing does not revolve around one particular organization, product, or strategy. We are Inclusive in our Vision to foster an environment of Equity and Positive Human and Commercial relations.

The Stop Playing Tour relies heavily on its educational component via the dissemination of ideas, sound practices, and vendors. We will be heavily promoting a broader intercultural over-standing both within and outside of our Communities.

The Time for Talking is Done. The Stop Playing Tour is the proactive and not reactive approach to apply the necessary solutions the people so desire.

One response

  1. Sis. Deborah

    We should have stopped playing in 1913! However, ALL is well and everything in its own time! Peace and Love!

    March 30, 2011 at 1:42 pm

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