It’s time to weigh in!

Shyaam The Liberator explosive expose’ of the debauchery going on in the so called “conscious community. THE PEANUT GALLERY EXPOSED:

  • King Nobody (king noble) Debacle
  • Fraud Flaba The Supreme Grand Theif
  • Ali Baba & The ISIS Thieves
  • Health Extremist with No Farms or Cookbooks
  • The Ponzi Schemers: Organo Gold Pushers & Five Linkers
  • The Bigamist & Fraudulent Atheist
  • E-Thugs & Facebook Bozos
  • Aquarian Gospel Moors & Blackamoor Indians
  • Parasitic Nomadic Lecturers
  • Conscious FB Hoes & E-Prostitutes
  • The Black Supremacy Gospel Choir
  • The Internet Alter Ego’s
  • The Peace Queen Coons & Soy Boys
  • The Pseudo Intellectuals

This part of Mental Liberation is ugly but someone has to do it, Shyaam The Liberator just has the gull and the heart to say what others won’t. If you don’t clean up your own then someone else will do it. The Mirror is being held up to reflect the coonery and buffoonery going on in the so called “Conscious Community.” This is the wake, the funeral, the Eulogy, and burial of the so called “Conscious Community.” Don’t miss this broadcast be sure to tune in!