Empowering Mommies one Belly at time!

As I come forward, I come ready and willing to hold the promise to better the situation not just TALK about the problem!

As a Midwife and holder of many disciplines (of the west) I come to bring this gift to the new nation we are building. I offer complementary birth services to the nation as my gift to its conception. This will be for ONE calendar year and will be offered to what ever Queen is needing services for her seed and education for the rest of her Queendom.

I challenge the rest of this budding nation to offer the like, from their business entities, so that we will begin to build the trust, the knowledge and the belief that we CAN change things with just a thought and our will!

Amin…Amen…Ase and so it is!

Dr. Ameena Ali, PhD, CD-B/P, VLM

Doula and Childbirth Educator Specializing in Orgasmic and Indigenous Birth Services

770-870-8045 (talk/text)

FB: Ameenaali

Twitter: @ameenaali

P.S. I need 30 more Twitter “followers” to reach 100. Challenged by another Birth worker, the 1st one of us to reach 100 gets a $100 Gift Card for Pampers for homeless and needing Newborns!

Let’s get to the Empowerment, the Enlightenment and the Evolution of this great Nation!!!!

Let’s not let this fire up and fizzle out!! I want to see agricultural crops in six months, affordable housing for ALL Villagers EVERYWHERE in a year and a Medical practice that RIVALS anything the west can offer in FIVE!!!

We can do it but we cannot be about TALK…we, as a people can talk a good game…we HAVE TO BE about action and CONSISTENCY!!! This is NOT about money, this is not about “Oprah” status in society this is about building and bettering the lives of the masses and getting us BACK to the self sustaining people that we once were!!!

LET’S GET UP PEOPLE…GET UP!!!!! Its our time to shine!!!

Dr. Ameena Ali