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Stop Playin Common Reality Workshop: Basic Survival 911 & Self Reliance

Every day in our nation and around the World, people perform their daily routines without thoughts of disasters or emergencies. Unfortunately, and usually when we least expect them, they strike. Lives are disrupted dramatically, and people are abruptly forced into extreme situations and conditions that they are usually not prepared to face.

Events such as the destruction of New York City’s World Trade Center, the Indonesian and Japanese Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, and Haitian Earthquake have shown us just how vulnerable our society is. They have lasting effects; produce millions (in many cases billions) of dollars in property damage and, indeterminable amounts of human suffering.

Terrorism is a small segment of a broad spectrum of threats that our world will face over the next few decades. One of the most potentially dangerous and difficult to combat is infectious and emerging diseases. The rapidly expanding AIDS epidemic will produce dreadful global health emergencies. SARS, Swine Flu, (H1N1) are ominous signals of things to come.

Climate changes brought about by global warming has significantly altered the migratory and reproductive patterns of the world insect (vector) and pest (rodent) populations. These climate changes have produced floods, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes and many other extremely severe and highly destructive weather anomalies.

Technological emergencies will produce other enormous problems. Large cities and small towns across America and around the World will experience blackouts, toxic waste spills & releases, communication systems disruptions transportation accidents, and water purification systems failures.
Large oil spills have polluted waterways and the ocean destroying entire ecosystems. A large nuclear power plant accident can contaminate tens of thousands of miles of land and produce large numbers of radiation related injuries and casualties.

These are only a few examples of the many different challenges ahead. When these emergencies appear in your area, local responders or even the federal government may not be able to reach or assist you. This is why you must be prepared to help yourself.

The Stop Playing Common Reality Workshops: Basic Survival 911 & Self Reliance Series Series not only shows you how to endure various types of crises, it can also provide you with methods that you can reduce their destructive impact and, in many cases, circumvent their dangers entirely.

Stop Playing utilizes the world’s most sophisticated disaster preparedness system called IA-DO (The Way Of Improvisational Adaptation) and, has a number of specially designed programs that can provide you with all you need to prepare for, respond to and, recover from a broad spectrum of emergencies.

~Aton Edwards

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